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Ukraine Relief Fund

As the crisis in the Ukraine worsens, the devastating consequences for civilians and the resulting humanitarian needs, especially for children, are only expected to rise. This is why, UBS Optimus Foundation has launched the Ukraine Relief Fund. To ensure maximum impact, they are supporting the International Rescue Committee and Americares, who are providing emergency support and health-focused humanitarian aid to families and children forced to flee their homes by working with local partners in Ukraine and in neighboring countries, such as Poland. The UBS Optimus Foundation is also partnering with Lumos and Hope and Homes for Children, who are working to ensure that amid this chaos, children in orphanages are safe, protected, and placed in suitable family-based care settings. With a gift to the UBS Optimus Foundation Ukraine Relief Fund, you could support thousands of people in immediate need.

UBS Optimus Foundation

With a track record of over two decades, UBS Optimus Foundation is recognized globally as both a philanthropic thought leader and a pioneer in the social finance space, through which we leverage solutions to mobilize private capital in new and more efficient ways. The foundation uses an evidence-based approach and focuses on programs that have the potential to be transformative, scalable and sustainable. It conducts extensive due diligence and only recommends what it considers to be the most innovative programs that have the capacity to achieve long-term, measurable impact. UBS also makes matching contributions to the foundation, to help our clients’ donations go even further. Our approach is based on three core pillars:

  • Advice – to clients and their families, whatever their philanthropic goals.

  • Insights – anything from overseas field trips to visit our programs to deep-dive thought leadership reports, client forums and events.

  • Execution – we provide in-house solutions through over 329 portfolio programs in over 61 countries, where clients with varying experience and expertise can coinvest and learn from our experts in systemic approaches to sustainable solutions.

In 2021, UBSOF raised USD167.7M and reached 4.6 million people, 2.7 million of which were children. Our ambition by 2025 is to mobilize USD1 billion into global high impact initiatives and reaching 25 million beneficiaries.

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